Hell-Opoly Board


Here is a smaller version of the board, larger one below, and in this small representation, I proudly fill in my "Special" space of Park Place with a little present for Justin.



HELL-OPOLY - The Monopoly game filled with all of the Lucifers proud pupils.

Starting from "Boardwalk, here is the list of people in the spaces on the board. The extra properties listed afterwards.

1. Minion - Demon/ Twisted Metal Character

2. Space reserved for whichever cunt or asshole you choose.

3. The United States Government

4. Osama Bin Laden

5. Adolf Hitler

6. Saddam Huessein

7. Kim Jong Il

8. Josef Stalin

9. Ghengis Khan

10. Ivan the Terrible

11. Ivan the Impaler

12. Fidel Castro

13. Benito Mussellini

14. Mommar Ghadafi

15. Charles Manson

16. Ted Bundy

17. Jeffrey Dahmer

18. John Wayne Gacy

19. Sweet Tooth - Twisted Metal Character

20. The Joker

21. Ted Kacynski

22. Timothy McVeigh

23-26. The "Railroads" have been replaced with some of the finest American dirtbag banks.

27-28. BP and WalMart have taken the places of the Utilities

Go To Jail - Space occupied with a made up picture of Jack the Ripper.

In Jail - Space occupied with a picture of James Kelly. A man who many believe may actually be Jack the Ripper.

Free Parking - Picture of Dark Tooth. Another Twisted Metal character.

Luxury Tax now represented by a place dear to my heart, Starbucks.

And last but not least, the awful space in between the cheapest properties, is now taken by the Health Care system.